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International Tourism Management an der NHTV Breda

Camilla Stahl who studies International Tourism Management at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences , shares her experiences in this interview.

How did you decide to study in Holland/Breda?
After finishing secondary school and travelling around for a few years, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to study tourism management, and I wanted to study abroad. Basically looking at the world map, eliminating countries to which I couldn’t or didn’t want to go, I ended up with a few possible destinations. Holland was one of those, and so I started browsing the net for good international universities. I found NHTV, made my decision and sent in my application!

What was your first impression?
I remember thinking how modern and full of life the school seemed to be. I also thought, “Help, what am I doing, am I really going to stay here for 4 years!?” I loved the first sight of Breda with all the little cafés, pavement cafés and narrow alleys.

What about your studies?
International Tourism Management is a 4-year international bachelor programme. It’s like a general business programme, though with a focus on the tourism industry. The character of the programme is very international: the possibilities to travel and study in other countries during the 4 years are manifold, and the courses are built around real-life examples from all over the world. It is increasingly important when looking for a job nowadays to have international experience and to speak many languages, two things you will definitely be taught as an international student at NHTV.

What does a day of your life as a student look like?
I wake up, bike to school in the rain on my very old and Dutch “fiets”, get a cup of coffee and get ready for the first lecture of the day. Lectures alternate with seminars and workshops, and the time in-between is mostly spent in meetings with different student project groups, in the library or in the canteen, while having something to eat with fellow students.

Where do you meet your friends?
A warm spring, summer or autumn afternoon is most often spent chatting over a cup of coffee on one of Breda’s many pavement cafés, either at Grote Markt or by the canal. If it’s really sunny, we might go and hang out in the park. In the evenings we often cook together in one of the student houses and gossip about what’s happened during the day. If it’s a weekend or Compass international evening, it’s not uncommon that we end up in Café Speeltuin or some other bar for a beer or two. My absolute favourite place in Breda to chill out is café “Latte’s and Literature” – there is nothing better than relaxing with a book on one of the couches while watching the rain pour down outside (yes, it does rain A LOT in Holland!).

Best experience?
The best part of studying at NHTV is the way the study programme is structured. Not only do you learn a lot from the theory in the courses, but you learn even more from working on projects in groups with fellow students from completely different cultural backgrounds than yourself. It can be so frustrating sometimes, but also very rewarding when everything works out! I also really enjoyed all the international possibilities I was given during the programme; an exchange semester in Canada, a field trip month to Cambodia and Vietnam and a six-month work experience project in Indonesia!

Do you live together with other students?
I live in a typical Dutch student house close to the city centre. It is narrow, 4 floors high and I share it with 4 other students; one German and 3 Dutch. It might seem hard to find a room in Breda, but NHTV’s International Office can help you, and once you have arrived in Breda, you will lways find something by asking ground. Breda is a fun place to live and it’s an easy place to be a foreigner. Just be open-minded, get ready for the Dutch craziness and enjoy your university years to the max!

We thank Camilla Stahl!

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